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The Roman Writers' Retreat

From our Roman Retreat of 2010 Book of Memories: l. to r. Eve Caram,
Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Catherine Yesayan.

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Roman Writers' Retreat Information

October 23-30, 2010

The  Roman Writers' Retreat  was imagined as a casual writers' conference where authors could follow their dreams  by two UCLA Writers' Program instructors Eve LaSalle Caram and Carolyn Howard-Johnson on their cross-town foray to Eve's Novel I class on campus. (The drive in traffic is a long one!). Eve had just taken a Villa in Italy and it seemed as if doing something similar and sharing expenses with other writers would be a great way to explore and be inspired by Rome, the city of dreams.  We found our Italian villa, after some ups and downs. The initial steps have been taken and we have places available in a beautiful apartment for only ten authors. We have room for only three more.




This is the picture of the villa. It is located in Rome, across from a park, near a hotel with restaurants, within a 10-15 minute walk to public transit, with plenty of parking for anyone who would like to rent a car.

Luxury Villa Rome

 There is free access to a Wi-Fi network in the ample living room for those who bring their laptops, a considerable savings over internet cafes or most hotel business centers.   Heat, electricity and more importantly the air conditioning are included in the price along with a maid service and a driver with van to take us into the heart of Rome or other places in and around Rome each day and then pick us up and bring us back to our palatial villa.

If weather allows we will conduct some of our seminars around the pool (an amenity the downtown location didn't have). Otherwise there is a spacious "tavern" (like a family room) and a couple of living rooms for us to use for that purpose!  There is also a terrace with a barbecue.

Inside there are 6 suites supplied with en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, Satellite TV LCD and Sky decoder, WIFI flat connection, safe, personal courtesy kit, hairdryer, bed linen and bath..

On the main floor there is a big living room, a modern kitchen, a studio with fax, printer and PC and a terrace with barbecue.

Meals are the responsibility of each of us and we'll have a plan to share costs for those who prefer to share a good dish of pasta or quick breakfasts. There is a hotel with restaurants across the street and we are located near a park as well.

There will be no change from the original price quoted you.

These rooms are $1500 for the week (along with all the amenities of the townhouse!); that is about $214 per night, much less than a simple hotel room in New York (or Rome, for that matter).

The flat is easily found from TransAntlantic flights into Leonardo di Vinci at Fiumicino. Unlike the prior location, there is parking available for cars if you should choose to rent one, but there is no need to do so.

Here are some of the bedrooms. There are ample bathrooms facilities located throughout the home, many as part of the bedroom suites.



Here are some snaps of the living rooms (note the plural! (-: ) The blue living room is on the left. The red living room on the right.


Other views including laundry room, staircase, pool, grounds, example of the bathroom in the "Augusta" bedroom  and the one in the "Domina" bedroom (all the rooms are named! I kid you not!).



This is the "tavern." Look! a fireplace in case we have a chilly evening!

I think we will have a grand time. Remember, this is a casual retreat. Eve and I and our guest speaker Jo Linsdell have planned several seminars but are open to ideas as needs arise. We will also arrange critique groups for those who want to work that way. Please note the special arrangements Jo has made for us at a restaurant in Rome below.

Early Planning Bulleting Board

Plan to carry a cell phone of your own in Rome. To arrange for reservations, taxis, etc., on your own. Remember, this is a shared experience. Eve and I do the seminars, but the sightseeing, food, transportation, etc. are on your own or shared experiences with other participants you want to work with or be with.


July 06: It is lovely to have Jo Linsdell with us. Though she is a guest lecturer, it is like having a personal host and guide! I mentioned the tour busses available in Rome. Here is her insider's advice:

"The special tour buses really aren't necessary as Rome public transport will take you anywhere and tickets are much cheaper (€1 for 75 minutes, €4 for a whole day unlimited use. Week passes are also available).

I'll put together a short handout for everyone with some Rome tips. A kind of welcome pack."

Wowee! Thank you, Jo!


September 10, 2010. As you can see, we have a change of venue. Details above. Think you'll love the changes!

Register NOW for best and easiest air arrangements.

Your Instructors:

Eve LaSalle Caram, MA, is a longtime and popular instructor for UCLA Extension Writers' Progam where she won their OutstandingEve La Salle Caram The Blue Geography: A Romance by Eve La Salle Caram Instructor Award in Creative Writing. She is a novelist, essayist, and poet whose latest novel, The Blue Geography, was a finalist in the Texas Review novel contest. Ms. Caram's other novels are Dear Corpus Christi; Wintershine; and Rena, A Late Journey. She edited Palm Readings, a multicultural anthology of fiction by Southern California women.



Carolyn Howard-Johnson has been an instructor for UCLA Extension Writers Program for several years. She is a multi-award winning author of This is the Place, and Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remember and her fiction, nonfiction and poems have appeared in national magazines, anthologies and review journals both online and in print. She is a popular seminar leader at conferences like Dayton University's Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop,  San Diego State's world renowned Writers' Conference and Call to Arts! EXPO. She also appears in national TV commercials. Her HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers have become staples in the libraries of many writers. You can learn more about her on about any page on this site. (-: Photo by Randy Detroit.

These two instructors are donating their time to this retreat.  Jo Linsdell, founder of the free online conference PromoDay will also be presenting. They are planning seminars (but not so many as to interfere with inspiration time!) on the craft of writing, the building of platforms and the marketing of fiction and poetry as well as less structured opportunities where attendees can share and learn from one another. Seminar topics will be announced at a later date.

Reservations and Terms


Do know that this is not a full-blow writers conference, though the essential qualities of seminars taught by professionals certainly exists. Rather this is a heart-of-Rome Retreat--very small (only eight beds and possibly invited guests for the seminar portions. Further it is a



Choose retreats, classes and conferences featuring well-qualified instructors. In these times of fast information, probably the best way to do that is to find instructors vetted by major universities.
Find at least one tip on writing, promotion or tech on every page .


 cooperative effort.  We (eight!) share costs of the gorgeous townhouse Eve and I found and the two of us (possibly others, too) are donating our expertise with our fellow authors. Seminar topics will be announced later but will include a session on dialogue and one on book marketing with me and sessions on the craft of writing with UCLA Writers' Program award-winner Eve. 


This is the way we want it to work:



  • We have two prices for the townhouse accommodations. $1500 and $1300. The lesser price is for a downstairs room that is less elaborately (though certainly adequately!) appointed. That is for one week. Beds are queens so must be shared. This is someone's home, not a hotel. Each room has a bathroom. See above for details on this gorgeous property in the center of historical Rome.

  • If someone prefers a room or his/her own (no sharing of bed), that price will be double.

  • Because we have so few spots available and because or planning is volunteer, 1/2 is due upon committing to this program and is nonrefundable. This policy reflects the one we committed to in renting the townhouse.

  • On April 1 the rest of your payment will be due. After August 1 that portion will also be nonrefundable unless we find someone to take your place. We will keep a waiting list.

  • You will make arrangements with Eve or Carolyn and your checks will be sent to Carolyn at Carolyn Howard-Johnson, PO Box 1101, LaCanada-Flintridge, CA 91012-1101.


Participants are responsible for their own touring/entertainment outside of the seminars, their own air flight, their own food, their taxi to and from Rome's airport (40 minutes--I've taken it and it one beautiful ride that can go past the coliseum). Expenses incurred as a group (say a pasta night if we have a willing cook among us or light breakfasts to save dollars--er, euros) will be shared. 



  • Seminars taught by Eve Caram and Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

  • If there is enough interest I may use the knowledge gleaned in my not-so-formal education in anthropology to lead a group to a nearby museum of Etruscan artifacts . We may do some writing exercises based on the day's experiences.

  • Informal evening rooftop chats, weather permitting.

  • Dinner and seminar at a well-known Roman restaurant, Ristorante La Romantica, planned for us by Jo Lindell (additional charge). We will display and sell our books to patrons of the restaurant interested in them.


Note: This is not school, but a retreat. Nothing (other than prompt payments and caring for the property) will be expected of anyone.


If you bring a laptop, WiFi is included.


OTHER (Tentative) PLANS

  • Seminar topics will be announced but will include both craft and marketing.

  • We may have a fireside chat program led by invited speakers including participants, again a volunteer effort.

  • We may extend the program (either before or after) to a villa on the Amalfi coast. The plan will be similar to the one above. Please let us know if you are interested. Eve or Carolyn.

  • Jo Linsell-Feliciano is a writer living in Rome and founder of the online conference PROMO Day  who has agreed to speak to our group. (Ahhhh, the wonders of the Web). There is a chance she can arrange for a get together at a restaurant she is connected with. (http://www.ristorantelaromantica.it). Wait until you see the pictures! Just click on the link. There will be more on this, of course.


Note: Do know that October is considered shoulder season in Rome. There will be relatively few tourists but we may run into chilly weather. Plan to pack warm jackets, sweaters, umbrellas and hats, just in case. But also pack lighter clothes. Rome does have a Mediterranean climate (similar to Los Angeles' weather), after all. Having said that, this came from Eve's Living Language Daily Phrase and Culture calendar (Andrews-McMeel):


"Rome (Roma), the eternal city and the capital of Italy, enjoys the typical
Mediterranean climate. The weather conditions in Rome are at their most
comfortable from April through June, and from mid-September to October.
However, it is probably in October that one can enjoy Rome at its best:
during the season of the so-called Ottobrate. The word ottobrate can be
roughly translated as "beautiful October day" and identifies a particularly
sunny and warm day. During the ottobrate Rome is immersed in a magic glow,
and the sunsets are absolutely amazing; the sky is filled with thousands of
colors and the clouds shine like gold. While visiting Rome in October, one
can also enjoy the Festa Internazionale del Cinema di Roma ("Roman Film
Fest"): a great festival, or perhaps a better translation--a great feast for
movie lovers and for all the people who work in the movie industry."


Tentative Seminar/Activity Schedule:

Subject to change. All classes/events are voluntary.
Saturday October 23. ARRIVE Welcome from our hosts at 5 pm, discuss house, rules, etc. Set up a table at the house for us to share our books, services, etc. with one another. Bring bookmarks, fliers, books to give away or for sale. Open evening to do as you wish, unpack or sleep.
Sunday October 24 Day: Open during the day (on your own) for church/temple/etc for those who need that.  Explore environs of nearby park, route to public transit (more to come on this along with our available driver), take tours or whatever you wish. Early dinner on your own.
Evening of Sunday Oct. 24:
Two options:
7 pm group get together to talk writing, share our works in progress, with Eve Or
7 pm to 10 pm individual consultations, by advance reservation.   
Some of you have said you'd like individual help. Individual Consultations on publishing, writing. or promotion with Carolyn 1/2 hour increments. (We can spend more time on each session if few of you utilize this option.) Openings from 7 pm am to 10 pm. No charge but I will charge a cancellation fee if I set aside time and you decide not to come. $25. seems fair. Also, if you want to talk marketing or editing, it would be helpful if you've read The Frugal Book Promoter (www.bit.ly/FrugalBookPromoter) or The Frugal Editor (www.bit.ly/FrugalEditor). We can get lots more covered in a short time and easily narrow options down to what is best for you. 


Monday October 25: 10 am. to noon. Eve Caram's Class on voice with a discussion of what makes a strong voice and a particular voice and a handout of examples, followed by four or five class exercises (just short 10 to 15 minute writing promps people would do on the spot.)
Afternoon free.
Monday October 25 Evening: Dinner early (about 5 pm) with Jo Linsdell speaking later. This restaurant evening is planned by Jo Lindsell, founder of the internationally known free (online)  Promoday for authors. Plan on 20 to 30 Euros for dinners. Wine or drinks may cost more. You may display and sell your books. You  bring books for sale (suggest 3 to five), 25 or so bookmarks, fliers, or business cards. After dinner Jo will speak on the wonders of online marketing and online learning opportunities. See more on the restaurant on this page. See more on PromoDay at www.promoday.info.
Tuesday, Oct 26:
Eve Caram: 9:30 am. One hour. More Voice: voice as it is possibly altered by travel--the traveler's voice--how perceptions change with travel, particularly perceptions about home and about belonging.
Carolyn:10:30 AM:  Secrets to Great Dialogue
Afternoon free.
Carolyn 7 pm. Elements of memoir. Ways to use life experiences in your memoir or other writing--from poetry to nonfiction. Includes some on journaling. Bring your travel journals.
Wednesday, October 27
9:30 am: Eve Caram.  2 hours. In the garden weather allowing. Participants do some short writes that involve mythical or historical figures--or for that matter anything that has affected them in Rome during our time there. Eve will bring  copies of two stories; people can read them (or not)--both set in Rome on the Spanish steps but with central characters that have opposite reactions to being there.
Evening Evening 8 pm. 2 Hours. Carolyn. Essentials for selling your book. Building a platform and your query letter. Participants may use The Frugal Editor (www.bit.ly/FrugalEditor) to learn to write a query and we will critique it. Bring 10 copies for the critique process. Remember queries should be only one page.

Thursday, Friday October 28 & 29. Open for overnight travel to nearby spots that may require more time.


Evening of Friday the 29th: Goodbye dinner.  To be decided. If we have someone who wants to try their hand at cooking for the group, that would be fun. We can go out. Whatever we decide to do, it will be Dutch. Please have enough cash (meaning easy change to reimburse the person who pays the entire bill on the time they do that) in Euros to pay for your own meal, drinks, tips. Eve suggests: "maybe in the restaurant of the hotel across the street (if it's any good.) Or--and this is just an idea--at a lovely little restaurant I know about a block and a half from the Trevi Fountain--we'd have to share expenses for a taxi to town and back of course. But we could all throw our good-bye coins in and know we would return to Rome.
Saturday, October 30: Leaving. Some will be leaving too early for us to give them hugs. Those who don't leave early, (including Lance and me), could have a simple breakfast--rolls, coffee or whatever--around the pool or in the kitchen. Just hang out, talk writing until it is time for us to go. Lance and I will need to check out of our villa.
Note: Please remember we have kitchen facilities. If you bring food, we will share it. Track your expenses. We'll probably divide expenses for staples like cereal, milk, bread, coffee, tea--the stuff we'll eat in the mornings and for lunch to keep expenses down. People may opt out of this plan if they wish.


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