Harkening Explores
Difference Between Fiction
and Nonfiction

You Won't Know It's Nonfiction
Even as It Explores the Similarities
and Differences Between Two!

Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered 
ISBN: 1591295505     AmErica House http://bit.ly/TrueShortStories

Harkening explores the little white lies and solemn truths
 that one charming,
idiosyncratic family loves to repeat.
Each story is stitched to the next to become a saga of their sojourn from Michigan through a vanishing railroad town in New Mexico,
then into Utah, and finally (happily!),
to a place where individuality can thrive.

Creative Nonfiction and Oral Tradition
An excerpt from Harkening (really a full story).
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Carolyn's first person essay, "Beating Time at Its Own Game."   
holds three awards including
Word Thunder's Excellence in Writing award.
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Oral Tradition and
 "New Creative Nonfiction"

Introduction (c)
Reprinted from
(c)2001Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Just when I think I’ve heard all the family stories—many times—another is remembered and told. That its truth was revealed years after the event is matter of concern, for authenticity is certain to have been colored by my mother’s imagination and my own.

My mother always loved to read. Her voice echoes that of many great authors—which I hardly notice—and many super-market romances as well, which I do. She describes people she has met or only observed from across the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Her words paint a picture down to the last detail like a paragraph carefully wrought.

            “Her hair is as thick as a mane,” she says. She details a woman’s beauty from the shape of her eyelids to the way the tilt of her nose changes as she ages. And when she tells a story she repeats it back in dialogue, even when it happened years ago -- as if her mind were a tape recorder and has stored every nuance. She is a walking, talking example of the “new” creative nonfiction.

This book is made from my own memories and the harkenings of others. I liken the process of recording them to a child who listens to adult conversation with nuances that she doesn’t quite understand so she must fill out the meaning with her own experiences. It is a bit like a child who tries to stand upright after twirling herself into oblivion; the pictures blend into a blur like a pinwheel and then—with time -- reassemble themselves in the living world.

I admit that sometimes I stop listening because I’ve heard so many times the story about how Gram Lucretia set the table with sterling or because the language of the tale being told is so Homerian that I am tempted to snooze. The “rosey-fingered dawns” become boring when repeated too many times, no matter how poetic they may have been in the original.

Then there is the affect of mood. The mood I was in when I heard it or when I was writing it can color it as surely as a box of Crayolas, bright or faded.

I must not forget the deliberate. There are certain exigencies required to mold a tale into something, you, my reader, will want to read. So I might change the order of an event or the color of a dress to fit the need of the story. The writing of it might require me to imagine another’s point of view in order to capture the story’s full truth.

I often wonder, am I writing fact or fiction? Is any truth more true that the way the writer sees it? In some sense, isn’t a writer’s truth more truthful than fact?

           It is very convenient that we have that new term creative nonfiction, but it is only a new term for a very ancient practice. I am determined to dispense with fact-driven guilt and tell these stories as I remember them or as I remember their being told to me. There really is no other way.

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Tip for Readers

Reading creative nonfiction is a little like reading historical fiction. But only a little. With historical fiction, sometimes it is hard to tell what is fiction and what is fact. If the author has been true to the spirit of creative nonfiction, you can trust the basics to be true though she'll color the narrative through the perspective of the character who is telling the story. The author must also create the dialogue as accurately as she can reconstruct it. The writer's brain, after all, is not a tape recorder.

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