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Promotion Tip:

Warning! Book fairs are only as good as you make them Each varies in character. Choose the best matches for you, then promote, promote, promote.  For other ideas on how you can make your book fair successful, check "book fair" references in the index of The Frugal Book Promoter.

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(The book fairs below are ones that I have personally presented at or participated in some other way. Contact me for recommendations if you wish. Conventions and tradeshows are listed separately below.)

West Hollywood Book Fair has been put on hiatus. I hope it will be back soon. Google to see if this is the big year for them to return.


LA Times Festival of Books at USC. This is a huge fair. You'll get lost if you don't plan, but the possibilities are endless.  They offer an early bird rate if you sign up before November of the previous year. The fair is usually the last week in April. You'll find a section in The Frugal Book Promoter on book fairs that includes suggestions for making them successful based on my many years as dirctor of Authors' Coalition booth there.

San Bernardino Book Fair at San Bernardino Valley College. This fair is very small; a great opportunity for new authors but there are many in the San Bernardino area. Google "San Bernardino Book Fair" to find Scholastic book fairs, school book fairs, Cal State fairs, etc.

 Great Salt Lake Book Festival is underwritten by Utah Humanities. It sponsors other fairs and events including a well-planned and diverse one in St. George, Utah.  Check them all out.

Hollywood Book Festival is still a small but fun book fair. Their theme is "spotlighting books worthy of further consideration from the film, TV and game industries." .  

National Book Festival  in Washington DC is sponsored by the Library of Congress. Opportunities for presenters other than very famous or extremely well-reviewed or connected authors is limited but support for this fair is far-reaching and opportunities of other kinds abound. Excellent sponsors.

Book Festival poster

Usually helpd during October in Nashville, TN,  the Southern Festival of Books has been celebrting wht written word for at least twenty-seven years. I loved Nashville and the musical offering the fair offered. Even if you aren't local, you could plan a really nice trip around this business experience. 



Yvonne Perry and Carolyn Howard-Johnson as Carolyn signed her books at the
Southern Book Festival in Nashville, TN, 2007.

 I presented at Book Em in North Carolina,  founded and directed by Author Patricia Terrell and it was small but full of networking opportunities and donates to literary charities.

I display my books at Brevard Authors Book Fair (Cocoa, FL) Spring. Check this fair for benefits offered by The Book Display for authors who can't attend and the cost is truly nominal. Reasonable booth prices. The sponsors do several book fairs in the area each year.

Others Book Fairs:
These are fairs I know about but haven't attended or participated in. Because book fairs change venues frequently, and directors even more frequently, this is more a list of fair possibilities for you to Google so that you might query for a booth or speaking opportunity.

Tip: New authors may want to schedule a book fair booth in both spring and fall for the first five years of their careers and slowly work into being a presenter.

Amelia Island Book Festival (Amelia Island, FL), Fall

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Decatur Book Festival, The, (Atlanta, GA) Fall  

Austin Jewish Community Book Fair, The (Austin, TX), Late fall

Austin Book Festival (Austin, TX), Late fall.

Baltimore Book Festival,(Baltimore, MD), Fall

Blackboard Festival: "Dozens of Authors. . .Thousands of Readers. . .All Under One Roof."  Houston, Texas

Blue Metropolis (Montreal, CA), Spring

Brooklyn Book Festival (Brooklyn, NY), Fall

Buckeyes Book Fair (Wooster, OH). Late fall.

Celebrate the Book (Carlisle, PA), Fall

Central Coast Book and Author Festival (San Luis Obispo, CA.) Fall

Collingswood Book Festival (Collingswood, NJ), Fall

Connecticut Children's Book Fair (Storrs, CN), Fall 

Delaware Book Festival (Dover, DE), Late fall

Fall for the Book Literary Festival (Fairfax, VA), Fall

Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany) Tip: Indie Book Publishers Association (IBPA) sponsors a booth here and renting a post is a frugal way to be part of the fair, though I do strongly suggest the author also be present to get the most out of it. Many authors and publishers sell foreign rights at this fair.

Georgia Literary Festival,(Blue Ridge, GA), Fall

Indianapolis Bookfest, Dolores Thornton, founder.

Kentucky Book Fair  (Frankfort, KY), Late fall

Meet the Authors Book Fair (Melbourne, Fl) Late fall. Check this fair for benefits offered by The Book Display for authors who can't attend. Reasonable booth prices.

Montana Festival of the Book, (Missoula, MT)

Multicultural Children's Book Festival (Washington, DC), Late fall 

Miami Book Fair International, (Miami, Florida)

National Black Book Festival, (Houston, TX)  

Nebraska Book Festival, (Lincoln, NE) 

New Yorker Festival (New York City), Fall

Southern California Book Sellers is a place to look for book fair leads and other opportunities.

Texas Book Festival.

Tokyo International Book Fair

Arizona Daily Star Tucson Festival of Books with the University of Arizona, (Tucson, AZ), Spring.

West Coast Author Premiere (Ventura County), Summer  

West Texas Book & Music Festival, (Abilene, TX)

Wisconsin Book Festival

Miami Book Fair (Florida). My husband was featured at this fair as a gold medal winner of the Readers' View medal for his What Foreigners Need To Know About America From A To Z.

Spring Book Show (Atlanta, GA)


Latino Book & Family Festivals, The (Houston, TX), Fall 

Litquake (San Francisco, CA), Fall

London Book Fair 

Louisiana Book Festival (Baton Rouge, LA), Late fall.

Miami Book Fair International (Miami, FL), Late fall

Midwest Literary Festival (Aurora, IL), Fall  

New Orleans Bookfair (New Orleans, LA), Late fall

Novello Festival of Reading (Charlotte, NC), Fall

Orange County Children's Book Festival (Costa Mesa, CA), Fall

Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy

Philadelphia Book Festival

Red Dirt Book Festival   (Shawnee, Oklahoma) 

Rochester Children's Book Festival (Rochester, NY), Late fall 

Sarasota Reading Festival (Sarasota, FL), Late fall

Santa Barbara Book & Author Festival (Santa Barbara, CA), Fall

South Dakota Festival of Books (Deadwood, SD), Fall 

St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading (St. Petersburg, FL), Fall

Twin Cities Book Festival (Minneapolis, MN), Fall 

Vegas Valley Book Festival (Las Vegas, NV), Fall

West Virginia Book Festival (Charleston, W. VA), Fall

Wisconsin Book Festival (Madison, WI), Fall

Wordstock (Portland, OR), Late fall

Wyoming Book Festival, (Cheyenne, WY)


This list is courtesy of my publicist friend Scott Lorenz, President of Westwinds Communications. Most are events to celebrate Jewish Book Month and sponsored by Jewish Community Centers (JCC). These may or may not be annual events, though the longest one listed has been going for 64 years. Each will take some extra research and your book would qualify if it would interest a Jewish audience--whether or not you are Jewish.

Shalom Austin’s Jewish Book Fair (Austin, TX)

JCC of North Shore,

JCC Charleston sponsors Charleston Jewish Bookfest in late July.

JCC Dallas. For more information, please contact

JCC Indianapolis will host The Ann Katz Festival of Books & Arts on October 28
November 15, 2015,

Jewish Community Center of Greater Ann Arbor The 28th Annual
Jewish Book Festival will take place in November 2015.

Weinstein JCC will host the Fife-Davis Family Annual Jewish Book
Fair & Gift Shop in November 2015. or

Columbus JCC

Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center (Houston, TX) 40th Annual Jewish Book & Arts Fair,

JCC Memphism Jewish Literary and Cultural Arts Festival

St. Louis JCC’s 37th Annual St. Louis Jewish Book Festival.

JCC of Metro Detroit’s 64th Annual Jewish Book Fair. 

Marcus JCC Atlanta’s Book Festival. For 23
successful years,

JCC of Greater Washingtonm 43rd Annual Book Festival,

Mandel JCC (Beachwood, OH) Annual Festival of Jewish Books & Authors.

JCC Jewish Book Festival, Vancouver.

Scott says, "Book fairs typically seek out guest speakers or panelists. By volunteering to speak at a Jewish book fair, you will pique the interest of new readers and potentially gain a few new fans. Additionally, you can add the speaking appearance to your resume and
press material. Be sure to plan ahead because book fairs, speaking engagements and readings are all planned months in advance. For more book fairs and festivals visit ." Feel free to contact him for updates and his other services for authors.

Online Videos by Carolyn Howard-Johnson is available to speak or serve as a panelist at book fairs.
See a list of the many places Carolyn has spoken including many book fairs, publishing industry expos and conventions, writers' conferences and retail tradeshows. 


For a list of genre fiction conventions go to or

For a long list of national and international book fairs (albeit with no personal comments) go to the Library of Congress list at



Tip #1

To present at a fair, contact the program directors well in advance. Six to eight months in advance is a good guideline.

Tip #2

Learn more about making book fairs and other book promotion at There is a search engine near the top of the blog for searching for specific topics with keywords.

Find at least one tip on writing, promotion or tech on every page of this Web site.     

Conventions and Tradeshows

For the uninitiated, tradeshows and conventions are usually set up for people in the trade and those associated closely with it. Often the public is not invited and special credentials are required for entrance. Sometimes fairly high entrance fees are required as well.

The DIY Convention: Do It Yourself in Film, Music & Books

 Small Publishers of North America's College.

IBPA's  (Indie Book Publishers Association) Mini University usually can be found at Book Expo America and the West Coast.

Virginia Library Association Annual Meeting and Exhibit  offers a book exhibit.  

Massachusetts Library Association Annual Meeting and Exhibit. Association Book Exhibit. A combined exhibit and professional conference. 

International New Age Tradeshow (INATS) isn't about books only, but if you write for new agers, this is a tradeshow with an excellent reputation for sales of new age books.                                                This is what the floor of Book Expo America looks like.

Bologna Children's Book Fair is really more of a tradeshow for all things related to publishing work for children. Contact them at

Book Publicists of Southern California (BPSC) has a mini book fair at each of their meetings.
This, left to right, is Pam Kelly, Dee Vollendorffand Carolyn.
Pam  and Carolyn are both BPSC's Irwin Award winners.


Tradeshow Tip

If you can wrangle a press pass to a trade show, that gives you access to the media room. That usually means free coffee and donuts at a minimum, but it also allows you to pick up media kits from businesses and other media that may be of use to you and bring in a stack of your own media kits to be distributed to the media in attendance. If you review books for an online review site, that may qualify you for a pass to some book-orented tradeshows and book fairs. You will need a letter of referral, but it is worth it. (A press pass may also mean that you can avoid entrance fees.)

BTW, this is an example of the kind of tips in The Frugal Book Promoter, big-little things that only come with experience and lots of it. (-:

Find at least one tip on writing, promotion or tech on every page of this Web site.



Writers' Conferences
The Big and the Cozy

Find conference-related tips, articles and a list  (including recommendations) on this site's page dedicated to writers conferences.

Don't forget to check out my list of books for writers on this site and in the appendixes of both multi award-winning books in the HowToDoItFrugally Series, The Frugal Book Promoter and The Frugal Editor. Both are now in their second editions.



Free Online Conferences

When I can donate my time, I try to support free online conferences. One I co-founded wtih Lea Schizas is The Muse Online Writers' Conference. One I've presented at for several years running is the Catholic Online Conference (please check of availability because this conference is a volunteer effort). held Also check out Jo Linsdell's PromoDay that appears every spring. It focuses on book marketing.

Find at least one tip on writing, promotion,
 or tech on every page of this Web site.





Net Promotion Tip

Links and recommendations can be a great way to build Web site traffic. Trouble is there is a tendency to withhold a favor until someone has reciprocated.  If I think a link will be useful to you, my Web site visitor, I will post it whether or not it is reciprocated.  Nor do I expect links to be tit for tat. Example, someone may mention my book or my site in their newsletter rather than on their Web site and that makes me just as happy.  I suggest you do the same. It gives your link page and your suggestions more credibility and it underscores what pubic relations is supposed to be about -- ethics and a willingness to help one another out when possible.

Find at least one tip on writing, promotion, or tech
on every page of this Web site.


For resources and links galore, grab yourself a copy
of the
Frugal Book Promoter.

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Purchase TRACINGS (Finishing Line Press) at Amazon.
IMPERFECT ECHOES: Writing Truth and Justice with Capital Letters,
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Give the gift of poetry with a chapbook from Magdalena Ball's
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CHERISHED PULSE: Unconventional Love Poetry
IMAGINING THE FUTURE: Ruminations on Fathers and Other Masculine Apparitions
SHE WORE EMERALD THEN: Reflections on Motherhood
BLOOMING RED: Christmas Poetry for the Rational
DEEPER INTO THE POND: Celebration of Femininity
SUBLIME PLANET: Celebrating Earth and the Universe

HowToDoItFrugally Series for Writers
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Survive and Thrive Series of HowToDoItFrugally Books for Retailers

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Most of Carolyn's books are also available for the Kindle reader.
Did you know that with the Free app, Kindle can be adapted to any reader--even your PC!

 "Careers that are not fed die as readily as
any living organism given no sustenance." 
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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Find at least one tip on writing, promotion. or tech on every page of this Web site.

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