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MaAnna Stephenson, author of Blogaid's series,  says,
[After you tweeted about me] my inbox was flooded with notices of new followers. So, your followers definitely listen to you and your recommendations."

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Carolyn, WOW!!  I went to your Pinterest to (I thought) simply re-pin a couple of your covers - that was over an hour ago.  I re-pinned scads of your covers, and then toured many of your other boards.  Wonderful! Awesome! So Educational!  You had so much pinned that I wanted to steal and re-pin. . . and I DID!  I only quit because my fingers grew numb from pounding the keys.  Go take a look for yourselves folks.  There is a trove of goodies on her Pinterest boards.
~ Margo Finke, fellow author on Google +


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  •  Sharing with Writers is a blog on all things publishing with an emphasis on book promotion. It was named to Writer's Digest 101 Best Website list.

  •   The New Book Review is a great way for readers, authors, reviewers, and publicists to get more mileage out of a great review. Guidelines for submitting (and recycling) good reviews are in the left column. Named to Online Universities' 101 Essential Sites You Need to Read at

  •   This is the Frugal, Smart and Tuned-In Editor blog. It covers everything that has anything to do with editing from grammar to formatting. The question and answer format encourages you to get the answers you need.

Also blogging on War. Peace.Tolerance and Our Soldiers at:


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Thanks so much for all the information you shared at the Oklahoma Writers Federation conference, in your "Frugal" books, on your website, your Facebook page, in your SharingwithWriters blog, in your Tweets and in your "Sharing with Writers" newsletters. I have shuffled papers and been a professional writer more years than I care to say, and teach workshops on writing and researching. I recommend your resources to my students and writing friends, and when they compliment me on some marketing technique, I tell them
"I learned most of what I know about marketing from Carolyn Howard-Johnson."
 ~ Carolyn Leonard, writing professional (

Article on Better Social Networking
Using Pinterest for Character Development

By Margaret Fieland

 When I write, I see the scenes unrolling as a movie in my head, with the characters moving and talking. If I can't picture something, I can't write it, to the point where I have to lay out the rooms, where the furniture is, the color of the rugs. Never mind that only a tiny fraction of this ends up in the novel. I have to see my characters getting up from the dining table and marching the dirty dishes into the kitchen.

I started using Pinterest last May. My novel, Relocated, was a couple of months from away from publication, and I was working on two follow-on novels. One of them, Broken Bonds, due to be published in July, was in its third major rewrite. I'd finally decided on the point-of-view characters, and, in an attempt to wrap my mind around them, went in search of visuals. This was my first multi-point-of-view novel, so I needed to get the four characters in the romance clear enough to hear their voices, see them move, and be able to work out the revision.

 I  started several Pinterest boards. The first was for clothing for the one female in the four-way romance. The previous versions of the novel had paid little attention to this character, and I needed to flesh her out. I found a website and searched for the tunics and pants to clothe her. She ended up with elegant, flowing, fabrics in soft, glowing colors, and her voice came clear. To see that board go to:

I still craved more images, so I started another board for actors I could cast to play my characters. After some searching, I settled on the actors I wanted, with Benjamin Bratt to play Brad Reynolds, my main character, Morgan Freeman as Ardaval, Samuel L. Jackson as Imarin, and Jada Pinkett Smith to play Nidrani. That board was an even greater help for visualization. Find it at

I also started a board for images of the planet these characters inhabited. Some I generated myself using GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program at a freeware program something like Photoshop. I'm using GIMP 2.8. I am now SO addicted to playing with this. It's freeware, and runs on a variety of platforms, including LINUX. You can see what I've done with it at

And here's an article of mine on GIMP:

Some people fill out character sheets. Me, I give my characters personality tests, find photos and clothing to bring them to life. One of the beauties of this board, I believe, is that they continue to work for me. Now they're helping my readers visualize my stories—either before they read my book, or after.

 About Relocated, the first novel in the Aleyne series:

When fourteen-year-old Keth's dad is transferred to planet Aleyne, he
doesn't know what to expect. Certainly not to discover Dad grew up here,
 and studied with Ardaval, a noted Aleyni scholar. On Aleyne, Keth’s psi
 ability develops. However, psi is illegal in the Terran Federation.
After a dangerous encounter with two Terran teenagers  conflict erupts
between Keth and his father. Keth seeks sanctuary with Ardaval.
 Studying with the Aleyne scholar Keth learns the truth about his own
heritage. After Keth's friend's father, Mazos, is kidnapped, Keth
ignores the risks and attempts to free him. Little does he realize who
will pay the cost as he becomes involved with terrorists.

Where to find Magaret Fieland:

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In the Frugal Book Promoter, Carolyn Howard-Johnson advises that media kits be designed to make life easy for reviewers, editors, producers, hosts. She uses a convenient Contents page to help them find what they need, includes ready-to-print material with permission to do so, and, of course, provides easily accessible contact information including fellow experts in the several fields she speaks on. She encourages fellow authors to download here kits to use as templates.

 Find at least one tip on writing, promotion, or tech on every page of this Web site. 


Mini Biography
For Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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Check out the links on this page for an assortment of focused media kits.)

Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s first novel, This Is the Place, won eight awards. Her second book, Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered, creative nonfiction, won three. An instructor for UCLA Extension’s world-renown Writers’ Program, the second edition of her book The Frugal Book Promoter is recommended reading for her classes and was named USA Book News’ Best Business book, just like the first edition, which was also given the Irwin Award. Her second book in the HowToDo ItFrugally series is The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success. It won USA Book News and Reader Views Literary Awards and the campaign for it won New Generations Marketing Award. Her chapbook of poetry Tracings, was named to the Compulsive Reader's Ten Best Reads list and was given the Military Writers' Society of America's Silver Award of Excellence. Books in her series for retailers are also award winners. She is the recipient of the California Legislature’s Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment Award, and her community's Character and Ethics Committee awarded her work promoting tolerance with her writing. She was also named to Pasadena Weekly's list of 14 "San Gabriel Valley women who make life happen" and was given her community's Diamond Award in Arts and Culture.  Her Web site is

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Tips for Effective Blogging

Shelley Hitz is a wonderful resource for writers--those who are publishing on their own and those who are traditionally published. Check out her "Guest Blogging for Success."

 Find at least one tip on writing, promotion or tech on every page of this Web site. 

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Survive and Thrive Series of HowToDoItFrugally Books for Retailers

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 "Careers that are not fed die as readily as
any living organism given no sustenance." 
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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The New Book Review
Named to
Master's in Online Universities'

101 Essential Sites for Voracious Readers

Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites
Sharing with Writers blog.


Best Book Award for The Frugal Book Promoter (2004) and The Frugal Editor (2008) and the Second Edition of The Frugal Book Promoter (2011).


Reader Views Literary Award for The Frugal Editor

New Generation Award for Marketing and Finalist for The Frugal Editor

Book Publicists of Southern California's Irwin Award

Military Writers Award of Excellence for
Tracings, A Chapbook of Poetry.

A Retailer's Guide to Frugal In-Store Promotion wins author Military Writers Society of America's Author of the Month award for March, 2010


Gold Medal Award from Military Writers Society of America, 2010. MWSA also gave a nod to She Wore Emerald Then, a chapbook of poetry honoring mothers.

The Frugal Editor Named #! on Top Ten Editing Books list.

Finalist New Generation Book Awards 2012, The Frugal Book Promoter; Finalist 2010 The Frugal Editor;
Winner 2010 Marketing Campaign for the Frugal Editor

The Oxford Award
the alumna who exemplifies the Delta Gamma precept of service to her community and who, through the years, devotes her talents to improve the quality of life around her.

The Frugal Book Promoter is runner-up in the how-to category for the Los Angeles Book Festival 2012 awards.

Glendale City Seal
Winner Diamond Award for Achievement in the Arts
Glendale California's Arts and Culture Commission and the City of Glendale Library,

And more than a dozen other awards for Carolyn's novel, short story collection and poetry. See the awards page on this site.

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